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Mill Creek

Mill Creek is just east of Huntingdon with lots of things to do and see.The Starr and Associates Realty office is located in Mill Creek just along Route 22.If you’re looking for a family friendly activity Holiday Bow is the ticket You can grab a great meal at Nick’s Dinne, Tops Dine or Speck’s Gourmet Pizz.Just up the highway is the Swigart Museu is home to Antique Automobiles and memorabilia.They have numerous special events all season long If you are around on a Saturday Morning May thru October you’re in for a treat.They host Kars and Koffee.There are always lots of locals with their private vehicles parked in the parking lot free of charge to view.Then why not drive a bit more down the highway and stop at Thousand Step a part of the Standing Stone Trai.Thousand Steps is located on the west side the highway.There isn’t much signage just a large pull off and small sign.You will also see steps headingup the mountain.It’s a great hike with a spectacular view for a bonus!If you are in need of aperfect place to host a gathering consider Corbin’s Islan Recreation Area.It is located at the northern end of the Raystown Lake, just downstream from the dam.Aside from picnicking, fishing and a launching place to float down the Junaita River it’s a terrific place to enjoy to all the beauty and tranquility Raystown Country has to offer.Mill Creek is an excellent place to call home or own a vacation home in Raystown Country

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